Sale of private jets and recreational boats

Consulting of
Aviation and Nautical

AEROMAR FORMULA is the first global consulting firm in Private Aviation and Nautical Recreatics of Spain.

Technical, Legal and Administrative Consulting

Technical, Legal and Administrative Consulting

Definition of projects and taxation, feasibility plans, incorporation and training of companies and companies.

Administrative Processing, registration and licensing.

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Aircraft and Pleasure Yacht Charter

Charter of Aircraft and Recreation Yachts

Location of the best operator and offer; recruitment and organization integral to the development of the operation. Advantages long term programs: purchase of packets of hours flight or continuous rental of a given aircraft or - Boat.

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Purchase-sale of Aircraft and Boats

Purchase-sale of Aircraft and Boats

Needs definition, search, inspection, repair, transaction support, transfers, import-export. Organization of operations for the use of aircraft or yachts. Maintenance, maintenance and supplies required.

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EASA Eclipse 500-1

About us

Excellence in Aviation and Nautical

With more than 35 years of experience, the AEROMAR executive team has led in international aviation and nautical companies, providing a deep understanding of these sectors. Now, we offer complete solutions for every need for private or professional transport, as well as exceptional nautical leisure experiences.

At AEROMAR, we stand out in two specific sectors: Private or Business Aviation, and the Recreation Nautical. Our comprehensive management covers all aspects related to personal travel, whether for work or pleasure.

From the careful selection of the best operators, aircraft or boats, to the procedures related to the acquisition or sale of private aircraft or yachts, we manage their operation, maintenance and commercial operation in a comprehensive manner.

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Since 1987

Experts on Registration, Licenses and Counselling

We specialize in obtaining registrations, operator licences and offer full advice on the development of investment projects in these sectors. Our experience includes the development and feasibility analysis of related business operations.

At AEROMAR, we maintain full independence in the analysis, providing the best recommendations to our customers about operators, aircraft or ships, costs, insurance, maintenance, licenses, and much more. Trust us for a unique and expert experience in aviation and nautical.

Aircraft and boats sold
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